Process Coaching

Be an effective participant.


Process coaching boosts the client’s competence and confidence, but without the TLI coach becoming directly involved in substantive decisions.

The TLI process coach does not simply “parachute” into the problem scenario, but strives to understand the situation in its entirety – its stakes, stakeholders, causes, status, impacts and options. The client is the primary resource, and clients are encouraged to think creatively in discussing process, substance, strategies/tactics, and all viable solutions with the TLI process coach.

A process coach encourages and inspires one to do something which they either don’t want to do or lack the confidence to do—but should do, must do.

Process Coaching Prior to Negotiations

In preparing for a either formal or informal negotiation, the process coach guides the client through a thorough, comprehensive process:

  • Identification and assessment of the interests and issues at stake
  • Developing arguments and responses to potential counter-arguments
  • Identifying preferred and practical settlement ranges on each issue to be addressed

Process Coaching During Negotiations

During negotiations, the client can decide whether the process coach is: (1) at the table as a silent observer; (2) accessible on-site for consultations in a nearby room; or (3) will be consulting privately before, after, and in-between negotiation sessions. Within these consultations the process coach examines the strategies and styles employed by everyone involved in the process in order to discuss appropriateness, effectiveness, and possible alternatives for the client.

Direct Intervention

When roadblocks do occur, TLI also possess the expertise and skills to assist the client in preventing, managing and resolving conflict equitably, efficiently and effectively.
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Coaching vs. Skills-Training Workshops

Process coaching is different from TLI’s skills-training workshop series:

  • Coaching is available individually, i.e., a group leader may receive one-on-one coaching independently from the rest of his/her team.
  • Coaching sessions are tailored to a specific problem scenario. Session participants must all be involved in the same problem scenario.

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