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Letter from James J. Pendowski

July 31, 2008
Mr. William F. Lincoln
NCA/TLI President
CRI Executive Director

RE: MEdiation for BNSF Railway Co. and the Town of Skykomish

Dear Mr. Lincoln:

The Department of Ecology (Ecology) is grateful for your successful mediation efforts with the BNSF Railway Company and the Town of Skykomish. Your diligent, thorough, and thoughtful approach enabled the parties to reach an access agreement and settlement for the extensive environmental cleanup work in Skykomish. This agreement was a key part for the cleanup going forward, not only this year, but over the next four years as well.

The cleanup in Skykomish stalled at a critical juncture where both parties were adamant and insistent that their issues were just. Your approach brought the parties together neutrally. Because of your preparation and investment, you were able to successfully resolve their differences. If the mediation had failed, millions of dollars of planning and effort would have been lost; the new waste water treatment system could not be built on schedule or budget; and the remediation and restoration work itself could have been delayed indefinitely.

Again, thank you for your skilled work to help us on this important project.

James J. Pendowski, Manager
Toxics Cleanup Program
State of Washington Department of Ecology