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Letter from Jonte M. Sulton

April 29, 2009
RE: William F. Lincoln. President,
The Lincoln Institute for Collaborative Planning and Cooperative Problem Solving, Inc.

Dear Bill,

As the program manager for the Leadership & Human Resource Development curricula, I want to take just a second to express my appreciation of the training services you provide for Department of Personnel’s training series. Negotiations and collaboration are necessary skills that leadership staff use on a daily basis — often very informally — for the prevention, management and resolution of conflicts within and between departments, with legislators, with municipal officials, with community advocates, and even with vendors.

The content you provide has proven to be unquestionably applicable — so say the participants again and again. Furthermore, your style of teaching makes the interactive learning process not only effective, but exceedingly enjoyable as well.

And, Bill, on more than a few occasions you have exhibited much appreciated flexibility with class participants as well as with the DOP staff — kind of a way to say “you walk your talk”.

So, just want to express my thanks, and do look forward to continuing to work with you.

Jonte M. Sulton, M.A.
Leadership and Human Resource Development Program Manager
State of Washington Department of Personnel