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Letter from Rick Oglesby

William F. Lincoln
NCA/TLI President
CRI Executive Director

May 5, 2009


Earlier today Gary Hattal and I were putting together a mediator training program for presentation in June. As we were sorting through possible components for that training I realized how much the instruction you have provided me has influenced my teaching. I mentioned this to Gary and he agreed that as we travel the country in the performance of our jobs as mediators and trainers it is not uncommon to meet other professionals who remark that they were “trained by Bill Lincoln” – it’s like a brand.

So, I just wanted you to know that your name came up, I’m still using your stuff (with full credit given of course), and that I have not forgotten who provided me my most substantive training in negotiation and mediation – even some coaching as I emerged from advocate negotiator to impartial mediator. I hope we can again work together in tackling some interesting disputes; just like the old days.

Rick Oglesby
Federal Mediation Commissioner