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Letter from Ronald Franklin

April 27, 2009
William Lincoln
The Lincoln Institute for Collaborative Planning


We completed another successful course earlier this month in the Naval Postgraduate School’s Center for Executive Education; and the evaluations indicate your presentation was the highlight of the entire ten days and the more than twenty speakers. Your treatment of negotiations is peculiarly inspiring. That seems like an odd complement, but it reflects the surprise of the students that such a topic could be so enjoyable.

I’ll quote several of their comments to emphasize the success of your delivery and your value to the course:

  • I learned more in this 2hr block than in my entire semester in grad school…”
  • Best lecturer of the two weeks.”
  • Fresh perspective on negotiation different than that typically taught…”
  • Great lecture. Best story teller. Examples were excellent.”
  • A great two hours; concepts apply to all aspects of life.”
  • His humor turned a potentially dry topic into something quite valuable.”

I could go on; but can’t give you too much praise. Need to leave room for continuing improvement!

In closing, I would have you recall that these participants are experienced GS15 civilians and well-seasoned Naval officers in the rank of Captain; it is truly remarkable that you’ve had such an impact upon these commanding officers and major department heads. They value the combination of an important topic delivered with gusto, conviction and a sense of humor. Applying the principles of negotiation to your own life’s experiences in the field measurably enhanced the impact. We look forward to your continuing participation in our courses here in Monterey.

Warm Regards,
Ronald Franklin
Director, Center for Executive Education
Naval Postgraduate School
Monterey, CA